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Come and benjennyefit from good quality, reasonably priced beers in a friendly, welcoming environment. With standard membership at £12 per year, that’s equivalent to an amazingly low £1 per month. 

Regular Saturday night events include bingo, the club’s own lotto game with a jackpot up to £1000, live entertainment and at only £2, a very reasonably priced minibus service three Saturdays of every four. All this together with a friendly, welcoming environment makes for a very enjoyable Saturday night.

With the chance of winning up to £1000, members can participate in the club’s own lotto game. Simply call into the club to fill in the playing slip, pay £1 and wait until just after 9:00 pm on a Saturday, just after the bingo game.

>>Download a membership application form here<<

Introduce a friend

Introduce a friend for £1 on weekdays.

Introduce a friend for £1 on weekdays.

With a choice of quality, reasonably priced beers, lagers, wines and spirits, all served with a warm welcome, you have no reason not to join in the fun. If you’re not yet a member, don’t worry. You can still take advantage by being signed in by a current member who must accompany you, at a nominal cost of only £1 on a week day and £2 on a weekend up to a maximum three times in one year.



Social Networkingsocialnetworking

To be able to use the social networking facility of this website, you will need to register for an account.
You can easily request an account by emailing admin[at]mountainrangers.co.uk. An account will then be created for you, which will have similar functions to facebook. Global registration has been disabled in an effort to reduce spam.



Are you looking for a venue?


If you’re thinking of arranging a charity auction and are looking for a suitable venue, look no further. Again, we can arrange for refreshments and/or a buffet. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work with you to make them happen.



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